Tips To Help Get Ready For Dance Classes

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If you are heading out for your first dance lesson, then you will need to prepare yourself properly. There are endless types of lessons for jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, jive, musical theatre and contemporary. You will have to ask a few questions from your new studio to ensure that you are following the rules.This guide will help you with a few tips for your dance classes Bentleigh so that you will not feel like you are out of place.

The attire

You need to dress up appropriately and this is important because you will have to follow a dress code. You might have to purchase a few clothing articles to ensure that you will feel good enough to start dancing away. There are many types of shoes such as jazz, ballet flats, tap shoes, pointe shoes or foot undies, which is just the start. You can always do a little bit of research to ensure that you get the right pair of shoes.

The hair

Your strands should be securely fit to ensure that it does not fall out and get in your face. This will result in your tripping or even stepping on your partner’s toes, which means that the entire routine will be ruined especially if you are performing or taking part in a competition. Put your hair into a simple ponytail and then secure your hair with clips or a headband. You can always add a few accessories to look fashionable.

The gear

Take a bottle of water, some deodorants, a few gears to stretch, some bobby pins, extra pair of tights and other things that are required for the lesson. Try not to wear make up with will be messy due to the sweat which will run down your face.

The food

Eating very light before working out is very important. If you eat too much you will feel very sick and you might even puke while dancing, which will be very embarrassing especially when you are dancing social ballroom dancing with a partner.


Going to class a little bit early will give you a few minutes to yourself to stretch properly. This will help you glide into the dancing session and pull off difficult moves.


Stretching for an extra few minutes will help your ankles feel stronger and you will be able to easily take the steps and even do difficult steps as well.

So remember, these few tips before you head on to the dance lesson, which will help you along way, down the road!